Skirting Boards

Why Arbiton skirting boards?

Rich colour palette

Designs of Arbiton skirting boards are adjusted to the
current market trends on regular basis. Use of the
innovative Digital Printing technology, distinguished
by high resolution printing is the guarantee of the highest
quality of an image and enables ideal matching of the
board and the floor. Decora’s technologists have also
developed original printing technology – Wood Effect in HD
quality – which thanks to the high level of image details
allows reproduction of natural wood section.

Comprehensive offer

Arbiton offers skirting boards with numerous functions
and assembly methods, manufactured from various
materials ranging from PVC, Videlit,through MDF to wood,
in different sizes and shapes, from classic to modern
ones, with wide range of accessories.

Product availability

The boards are available in the best construction
and home improvement retail stores, as well as DIY stores
across Europe. The use of comprehensive exposition
system, with clear communication of values, allows
Customers to find a product on their own and to recognize
its benefits.



VEGA skirting boards

INTEGRA skirting boards

VITA MDF 80/60 skirting boards

LM 60 skirting boards

VITA 80/60/40


INDO skirting boards

LM 55 skirting boards

38 TSL/LW Skirting boards for fitted carpets


Many years of experience and continuous improvement
of manufacturing and logistic processes make Decora’s
products extremely durable which allows for a long-term
use. The quality is confirmed with many consumer prizes
and assembly workers’ recognition.

Ecology and safety

Products made of PVC, Videlit and MDF are safe for the
users, perfectly adhere to the finished surface and are
ecologically clean. Wood used for VITA manufacturing
originates from certified forest plantations.