Why Arbiton underlays?

 ArbitonLargest selection of products

Dialogue with the Customer and innovation in creating new
product solutions have resulted in the largest product range
on the market. Both the individual consumer as well as the
contractor, having a number of years of experience, will find
in the Arbiton underlay offer a product which will meet their


The variety of features, technical parameters, methods
of packaging and installation. Well-selected and installed
underlays prolong lifespan of the flooring and increase
comfort of its usability. Impact sound and vibration caused
by foot fall noise is reduced. Warm and comfortable flooring
does not swell or deform and no cracks are formed.

Quality Assurance

Professional experience of Decora S.A. experts, as well as
continuous improvement of key processes of production
and logistics make the products extremely durable. They have
the highest rate of deformation resistance on the market and
they make long-term usability possible. Fixed parameters of
the products are supported by tests conducted by independent
laboratories. Incombustibility Certificates (PZH, AT) that
provide complete safety of application, enable making offers
on the investment market. The quality has been confirmed by
numerous awards and recognition of flooring fitters.

Availability of the Product

Underlays are available in the best construction and home
improvement retail stores, as well as DIY stores across
Europe. The use of comprehensive exposition system, with
clear communication of values, allows Customers to find
product on their own and to recognize its benefits.

Ecology and Safety

The production process, which is based on the latest
developments in the field of extrusion and carefully selected
components, provides products completely safe for the users.
Arbiton underlays are certified by TUV as the only one
in Poland and one of the few in Europe.


While choosing an appropriate underlay
take into consideration 
the following:

1) floor type
2) subsoil type
3) if underfloor heating is installed
4) use: comfort and floor durability

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