Barlinek wooden floors – with a climate of its own


The 1=1 Programme

For every pack of Barlinek floorboard sold, we plant 1 tree. Barlinek’s Customers Forest grows in Poland, Russia and Ukraine and today includes over 11,000,000 trees!

We are saving the falcon

We co-finance a scheme to restore the tree-dwelling population of the peregrine falcon. Thanks to the activity undertaken over the past few years it has been possible to return as many as 55 of these beautiful birds to the forests.

We protect „Bartek” the Oak

We also allocate funds to carry out the necessary renovation work to save the ancient Bartek Oak
— Poland’s most famous monument to nature.



The raw materials used in production are derived
exclusively from sustainable forestry areas, which
is confirmed by the prestigious Forest Stewardship
Council® (FSC) Certificate.3

The company’s green policy concern and a pro-ecological attitude are paramount values of the brand. It is in nature that
we find our inspiration, where we obtain the raw materials for manufacturing and it is out of concern for it that
we conduct a varied programme of ecological activities.