Laminate Flooring


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With Kronopol Laminate Flooring, Kronopol emphasizes again
their strong position in the industry and presents wide offer, which marks not only the esthetic
but also functional trends. The high endurance, resistance to dirt and scratches as well as easy
cleaning and maintenance are merely the basic characteristics of the flooring manufactured by

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The flooring guarantees comfort and esthetic for many years.
The Kronopol Laminate Flooring panels are available in seven collec- tions diversified in such
usable characteristics as the thickness of the base board (from 7.00 to 10.00 mm) and abrasion
class (AC3, AC4). We offer 4 surface structures of different gloss grade and intensity of the wood
texture as well as more than 40 decors of unique color and design. The rich colors of the Kronopol
laminated panels provides unparalleled opportunities of modern or timeless, extravagant or classic
but always individual interiors.
The KLF panels are covered with 10 or 15 years of guarantee period for abrasion.

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Kronopol floor panels are manufactured from high quality raw material which do not contain any
hazardous substances. The wood comes from selective cuts in the forests that comply with the
pro-ecological FSC guidelines.
Modern technologies, highly qualified professionals as well as experienced personnel guarantee
the highest quality products. To ensure the quality, Kronopol is certified to meet ISO 9001:2008
Quality Management System requirements. From start to finish of the manufacturing process, both
raw materials and finish products, undergo rigorous quality checks in order to ensure
Customer’s Satisfaction.

Superior Line

Superior Line is definitely extinguished among the KLF collection
with its usable parameters, i.e. the base board is 10 mm thick, the abrasion class is AC4 and the
outstanding special wood structure (WS) make it an unquestionable leader.
The Superior Line consists of 4 impressive and strikingly realistic decors: Massandra, Odessa,
Lutea & Bergen Oaks - each of which arouses admiration with their unconventionality, vivid pattern
and beautiful color.
Elegance, convenience and comfort.

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Strong Line

Strong Line is the collection for people who value functional
features, highest endurance simplicity and pure style. The floor
made on the basis of the solid, 8 mm thick HDF board emphasizes
the strength and strong nature of each interior. The Strong Line
decors are clearly defined and intense in colors, and their diversity
shall satisfy even the most demanding customers.
Functionality, comfort and optimal appearance for many years.

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Essential Line

The Essential Line is a recent collection made by Kronopol.
The decors meet the dreams of all those who value creative, individual
and unique interiors. The usable characteristics such as durability,
resistance to scratching, abrasion and stains match the modern colors
and beautiful wood patterns.
Essential in every house.

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Old Style

Old Style is the collection dedicated to the enthusiasts of traditional
looks. The decors make the interior look elegant, and they strengthen
the atmosphere of warmth and homeliness. Those who love rustic
interiors will surely find something for themselves..
The classical design of the panels introduces an inside unique

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Evergreen is a collection of certain floors which match to numerous
interiors by its style. Classic oak parquet or its light variation are the
examples of the floors made on 7 mm base board with increased
abrasion resistance AC 4.
Ionic oak is a proposal of fashionable cracks that are natural to the
solid wood.
Evergreen certain solution for your home floors.

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Elegance Line

The decors of the Elegance Line collection are the essence of clear
elegance. They attract with their noble gloss of the surface (WP - embossed gloss) and the variety
of colors. What is new in the Elegance Line are the decors which are ahead of their time and they
meet the expectations of the customer who follows the most recent trends of the interior design.
The Caucasian Ash enraptures its bright colors and the modern, contrasting wood pattern; the Viking
Oak is a decor of an intense and noble, dark-brown color.
Elegance, convenience and comfort.

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Flavour Line

Flavour Line consists of recognized decors which are paradise
for senses. Their inspiration were colors, tastes and flavors of the
nature. The decors inspire with their natural, warm and
eye-catching colors.
The customers who like parquets may consider two two-plank
decors, i.e. Havana Ash, Tobacco Oak, Iroko as well as the traditional
3-plank Robusta Oak.
Floors inspired by the nature.

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