Pro Parquet


ProParquet - Engineered Parquet

 1ProParquet is an innovative two-layer parquet wood flooring that combines durability and naturalness of traditional wood flooring with ease and speed of installation of the panels. The floor can be used directly after laying on the floor. This parquet consists of two layers of wood, joined together with an adhesive. The noble top layer is made from European oak, ash or black (smoked) oak with a thickness of 4-6 mm. The lower layer is usually made of plywood.Each strip is several times lacquered or oiled and UV hardened. As a result, the top layer of wood flooring is more durable and resistant to mechanical stress than the floor is finished in the traditional way. This design and finish drives many advantages: easy and quick installation, saving time and money - no need to finish the floor (eg. Through sanding, varnishing), lack of indoor pollution and odor of varnishes or oils.

This floor is of universal application, provides many opportunities for arrangement through ease of modification, for example, the colors of the paint.
ProParquet is available in the collections: Colours of the World, Colours of the Nature, the Wall of Wood and Chevron. Based upon the innovative
technologies parquet fully preserves the natural qualities such as appearance or functional features. Furthermore, it can be renewed several times as the traditional parquet.
The phenomenon of two-layer parquet is, however, possible safe use for underfloor heating - is much thinner than traditional parquet, warms the room faster and its construction prevents the wood from drying out or fracturing

AM Supplies offer engineered parquet in variety of sizes


Uniform colors, simple
layout grain , without
knots , white and


Similar colors, any grain
arrangement, acceptable
sound knots, no white,
rotten knots, discoloration


The varied colors,
acceptable discoloration
, any grain arrangement,
acceptable wholesome,
white, rotten knots


The varied colors,
pigmentation, white, any
system of grain, healthy
and spoiled acceptable
knots, knots and cracks


The varied colors, acceptable
pigmentation, white, any
system of grain, healthy and
spoiled acceptable knots, knots
fall out and all the cracks

Advantages of ProParquet:

31- high quality
- ready , varnished/oiled , easy to install , requires no sanding
- can be used just after instalation
- possibility to use over underfloor heating
- precise execution
- elimination of finishing costs
- renewable, can be sanded several times
- a wide selection of finishes - solid colors ,saw effect, brushing
- modern and unique look
- wide application