Solid Floors

Solid Wooden Floors

logoThe solid plank board is one of the most popular and traditional flooring. It is a solid floor, i.e., that its structure is compact, robust, durable, cut entirely of wood. It is characterized by exceptional durability and unique, noble appearance. AM Supplies offer solid floorboard in two dimensions, thickness : 15 mm and 21 mm, and the variety of widths: from 100 mm up to 300 mm. Special dimensions are possible on request. We propose length of a board from 500 mm to 2000 mm.Again diffrent lenghts are also available. Wood species from which it is produced board: European oak, ash and black (smoked) oak in the grades: Nature, Rustical and Country. Boards are made with tongue/groove, with ot without microbevel. It is possible to order unfinished floor board. Am Supplies also offer "look old" and reclaimed floors All our floors comes from certified and trusted manufacturers in Poland, many with decades of experience in wood flooring production.

Advantages of floorboards : - exceptional durability - fast and easy installation - good acoustic and thermal insulation - Renewable, possibility of multiple sanding, oiling, painting - in case of finished oil board, no additional finishing costs - impressive thickness, long boards - charm and presentable appearance - possibility to make interesting arrangements - timelessness in interior designs