Solid Wooden Parquet

Solid Wooden Parquet – Solid Wooden Blocks

logoSolid parquet is the most traditional and timeless kind of floors. It brings its natural beauty and warmth to the interior.
The rooms in which was used solidparquet is characterized by elegance, nobility and tradition.
Parquet floor is solid, thick and durable, it can be repeatedly renewed.
It is manufactured in small and medium-sized elements from the following species of trees:
European oak, ash and black (smoked) oak. It is mostly offered unfinished.
Solid wooden parquet is excellent acoustic and thermal insulation and gives large arrangement possibilities.

AM Supplies imports wide range of sizes personalized for customer needs.


Advantages of solid wooden parquet : - high durability - acoustic insulation and good thermal insulation - renewable floor, can be sanded several times - traditional look - possibility of laying many patterns - arranged in basic styles perfectly fits in small interiors



Similar colors, any grain
arrangement, acceptable healthy,
healed knots, without white and
rotten knots


The varied colors, any arrangement
of grain , clear blemishes with
healthy bark , acceptable healthy
and healed knots


The varied colors, discoloration
permitted without white, any
system of grain , healthy and
spoiled acceptable knots